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Common Questions
All your questions about our Tile Leveling System answered in one place.
  Make it Easy. Make Easy Flooring

  • Do you deliver in New York? How much ?
    Yes, delivery is free for orders over $100.
  • Are your Clips compatible with Raimondi Wedges?
    Yes 😀. Our Clips are compatible with this brand. However, we strongly recommend using our TLR WEDGES for a unique result. Our TLR WEDGES, in addition to being extremely strong and lifetime warranty, provide a much firmer hold on the clips due to their much stronger locking system. Creating a perfect tile system
  • What is the estimated delivery time for orders in Florida?
    Just 1 business day. Order your Tile Leveling System today and receive it tomorrow
  • What makes Easy Flooring's Tile Leveling System different?
    We have 10 sizes and variations available. We use high quality virgin polypropylene. Our unique molds stand out on their tear base that are extremely easy to break after installation. In addition to a very thin base to facilitate the installation of the tile and low deformation due to the quality and material and structure of our Clips. Our TLR Wedges are extremely resistant, we offer a lifetime guarantee and it has a greater ability to adhere to Our Clips and other compatible ones due to its larger locks
  • Do you have discount policy for Tile Shop?
    Yes... We will have an attractive discount policy for Tile shop and also for ile supplies and builders. We are your partner and together we are better. Contact us and get a personalized quote for your business.

If you have any questions about our Tile Leveling System or can't find the answer to your question, please contact us.

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Tile Leveling System

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